Casa Privata

Privacy on the Amalfi Coast


Something unique, solitude on the Amalfi Coast.


While we like our secret spots, there is undoubtedly a reason that certain parts of our country are passionately visited by hordes of tourists every single year: enter the Amalfi Coast (Costiera). On this short stretch of coast, rich in distinct customs and traditions you can find generous people, food made from the simplest ingredients, and most importantly breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Here homes and hotels hang majestically off cliffs overlooking the deep blue. Although this is one of the most visited areas in Italy there are still hidden corners of peace. Praiano, where Casa Privata lives, is one of them. 


You will find Casa Privata off the main road in this rare location. A town hard to grasp and easy to miss, almost nonexistent, Praiano is one of the few places on the Costiera which still holds the old charm of this piece of Italy. Its unique understated beauty and position, halfway between Positano and Amalfi placed upon a couple of winding streets, make it less touristy, more quiet and real. 


Originally a fisherman’s home, before the glitz and glamour of the Costiera, Rosa’s family uncovered this once rough piece of stone while sailing up and down the coastline. Casa Privata (known by locals as Ca’ P’a), a seven room family home converted to a boutique hotel with unmatched service, is the embodiment of this secret corner. 


It is a quintessential intimate experience of the senses. As you close your eyes you can hear, smell and feel the Mediterranean coast merge with the sea. This is something that cannot be explained, only experienced. 


Not only does this place have sea views from your room, the pool, the library and the dining area, but it is surrounded by gardens worthy of fairy tales, also available for private events. Each room is uniquely designed with touches such as warm tones and striped walls, custom made mid-century Indonesian furniture and natural linens, a different take from the sometimes overdone, overly painted tiles you’ll see in nearly every other hotel on the coast. Some rooms have access to a large roof terrace, while the wood panelled Garden Suite, hidden in the midst of the lavish garden, is the most private room of all. A tasteful maze between sea, gardens and sky for you to get lost in. 


You can decide to turn up or down the privacy knob; set it to a 10 and you’ll leave your room only to head down to private sunbeds and fresh water shower set on the rocks in front of the sea. The only people you’ll interact with are the staff, should you desire, (reachable by Whatsapp at your request) who will meet all of your needs. For a bit more action, have the staff organize a taxi boat to whisk you away to experience the coast, or head to dinner at any of the nearby hotspots, of which there are plenty. 


When you look up and see others hanging off the cliffs up high you remember how lucky you are to be able to stand on the tip of a rock that is otherwise unreachable, uninterrupted by anyone, and dive right into the silky waters in front of you. An enclave allowing for tranquility away from the crowds or spontaneous encounters with new like-minded friends; as in life, places like this give off and attract a certain type of energy. You just might end up leaving Casa Privata to return the year after with your newly minted friends. 


Be lazy, sitting behind a book on your lounge chair, be active, swimming alone in the sea, be social and embrace all that the Costiera has to offer – Casa Privata is a private home where the only thing you can’t choose is to stay forever. 


Season: Late March to early November


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