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The 5: Islands we are Obsessed With This Month






The island of Caprera, located along the Maddalena archipelago right off the coast of Sardinia is a wild serene “Eden” also known as Giuseppe Garibaldi’s island. He made it into his home, his refuge from combat, a place where he enjoyed a simple life. Surrounded by nature’s beauty Garibaldi was able to plan the expedition that would eventually lead to the birth of the Italian Republic. Maybe we should all use him as an example and live a frugal life on Capraia? With that sea what else do we really need!?


Sardinia state of mind




It’s not hard to understand why no one can resist it and why everyone keeps going back to it.

The jet-set island, the island of the dolce vita to live and observe while sipping an aperitivo in piazzetta, but also the island of bougainvilleas, of secret gardens like the one of Augustus, and historic villas: Villa Lysis, Villa Jovis, Villa San Michele to name a few. Take incredible hikes up to the peak of Monte Solaro or down Via Krupp, take a stroll with a view (Punta Tragara), a dive into the deep blue sea followed by seafront seafood meals at La Fontelina and dinners at Grottelle with traditional ravioli capresi, a boat ride all scoperta delle sue grotte from the worldly famous azzura to the lesser known bianca.


Among the most famous scenarios in the world, Capri has a hidden side.

And a very interesting under the radar “neighbour”.




The Egadi islands: Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo, and the islets of Formica and Maraone off the western coast of Sicily are like nothing you’ve seen before. Each island has its own distinct characteristics but they all share a sea so blue it will make you question your idea of the color itself. 

And then there’s FAVIGNANA! A hidden turquoise paradise where sea and sky merge into an infinite blue and land is characterised by the volcanic tuff’s intense yellow blending with the scattered houses’ blinding white. Favignana, also known as the Farfalla (“butterfly”) is the largest of the Sicilian Egadi Islands. The island is characterised by a slow beautiful flavorful life where you shop at farms with baskets full of fresh vegetables, you buy fresh fish from small fishing boats that dock in the marina and you cool down with a mulberry granita.

Sicily, a love story.




Lampedusa, a strip of land at the extreme south of Italy (closer to Tunisia than Italy) is found more in history books than on travel itineraries. One of three Pelagie Islands off Sicily’s tip, a place most famous for tragic migrant landings than for its extraordinary beauty. Its aquamarine waters, pristine nature, powdery white beaches, extremely welcoming locals, and daily caught seafood will leave you wondering why you haven’t heard of this place before… 

If you have a passion for sea turtles and scuba diving Lampedusa should definitely be on your bucket list: every year a myriad of turtles come to lay their eggs on the beach at Isola dei Conigli and have a regular presence around the coastal waters of the island.


Discover the other Scilian islands



There is no Italian summer without great music to accompany it. Every summer has its colonna sonora (“theme song”) that accompanies our moments of carefreeness.

We created this playlist for you and we like to imagine that you will listen to it during an aperitivo on a terrace, a road trip or while getting ready before going out.