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Disco Segreta A.3

Musica Segreta is a conceptual project of photojournalism, sound, and storytelling by Letizia Cigliutti and Amanda Courtney. We will take you into the homes, studios and lives of Italy’s young and talented musicians. While Italy has many secret places to discover, food to taste, and people to meet; there is also a whole secret life of music culture within this beautiful country.  We will fill your head with imagination, your hearts with short stories and your ears with each dj’s sounds. Every artist interviewed will create a playlist of songs that is their interpretation of Italy through Music. Let us bring you there, to Italy, through sound, story, and image. Tune in and enjoy a glass of Italian wine.





A Blond, An Elusion, A Fake.

They are our alter ego. 

Gemelli – Twins

Welcome to the jungle.


There are two ways to talk about Karola Hoffer

There are two ways to talk about Ferrara

Music – Performer

History – Creation

Harmonious layout – urban perspectives


Both are mysterious.


Hiding beneath the fog

It is there uncovered depths of beauty 

Ferrara a city of Renaissance

A Po Delta – A Cultural Landscape


Historical buildings that were granted the force of being, by Zeus’s lightning while he was traveling across the sky aboard Apollo’s chariot. 


A sense of unknown depths comes to mind.

Karola Hoffer is a bit of an outsider

Against normality, an expression of liberality of word, sound, and image. 

A time travel through sound, bringing back memories of the recent and distant past. 

Ferrara is a city of art and culture, an urban city built without Roman plans.

A complex urban plan, with networks of streets and walls closely linked to importance. 

Accentuating beauty. 


Believing but unknown, her name coming from a Trojan woman who escaped the war to find a new way of life, Ferrara was born. 

Karola Hoffer a German, an Italian, an unknown.

A sound – An image.

Music and Performance.

Electronica travel, to take back those memories of home, of place.

To dance, to bring people together. 

To become one – To become a community.

Design | Materials | Setting | Spirit | Feeling | Sound

No limits – No rules

To start a new life. 


We are talking about the details.

To create a universe.

Time travel.

In two parts.

One in the living room – a place of friendship.

One in the bedroom – a place of intimacy.

When there is too much energy.

When they are about to explode.

They return to the turntables.



In solitude that has created.

Metropolis inspirations.


Letizia Cigliutti – a food, and wine lover with lots of character; freelance photographer and art director, traveling the world in search of the best natural light. Born in Italy she spends her time between Piedmont and Stockholm, and when she is not in either place she is on a plane, train, or scooter to somewhere. 

Amanda Courtney – a Boston native who moved to Italy as soon as she first tasted Nebbiolo. Amanda fell in love with an Italian winemaker and spends her time between Piedmont, Sicily, and Puglia. She hosts exclusive bespoke food, wine and culture tours to give travelers an inside look into the homes and lives of Italy’s best winemakers, chefs, and of course nonnas. More information about Amanda’s Wine Adventures you can find here.