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The 5 x 5: The Best of Italian Cities



An only somewhat subjective list of what our favorite Italian cities are best at:



The most thrilling city to drive in: NAPLES 😉


The city with the best metro system: MILAN (Does Rome’s even count?)


The most walkable city: ROME (Because it’s literally the only way to get around. Bikes? Dangerous. Busses? Don’t show up. Metro? See entry above.)


The city with the most bike lanes: MODENA (has 198.34 km of bike paths!)


The best city to reach by funicular: ORVIETO

Subway in Milan

Pantheon, Rome



The city with the most bridges: VENICE (has 391!)


The city with the largest collection of Rationalist buildings: TRESIGALLO 


The city with the longest portici: BOLOGNA (they stretch across 62km of the city!)


The city with the biggest piazza in Italy: PADOVA (the elliptical Prato delle Valle covers 90,000 square meters!)


The first European (!) city with paved streets: FLORENCE (upon which Da Vinci, Donatello, Michelangelo, Dante Alighieri, Galileo Galilei, the Medicis and us here at Italy Segreta have walked, just to name a few notables)



The city with the best truffles: ALBA (sorry, Tuscany!)


The city with the most sustainable agriculture: VARESE LIGURE (plus the local charcuterie and cheeses are divine)


The city where you can find the richest cup of coffee: TURIN for its historic bicerin (Though it’s not the most expensive city for coffee! That would be Ferrara at an average of 1.18€ per espresso)


The best city for an arancina: PALERMO


The best city for an arancino: CATANIA


(The second greatest culinary debate after cappelletti vs. tortellini)

Al Bicerin, Turin



The city where the most films have been shot: ROME (1,511 movies have been filmed in Rome, many of which we can thank Cinecittà for) 


The city with the most art drama: VENICE (both for the Biennale and the Film Festival… We are worried, darling.) 


The best city for Puglian ceramics: GROTTAGLIE (check out our favorite artisans!)


The best city to see minimalist Donald Judd’s art: VARESE (at the 18th-century Villa Panza)


The city with the best funk scene: NAPLES (from Pompeii-born Pino D’Angio to contemporary Nu Genea)

Antonio Fasano, Grottaglie. Photo by Letizia Cigliutti




The happiest city: CAGLIARI (according to Twitter… 67.4% of tweets from the city were positive, more than anywhere else in Italy)


The most like a 70s movie set: FANO (but one of those “real” Italian nostalgic movies that never made it outside national borders)


The city where you can find the best orange wines: UDINE (look for wines with the local ribolla gialla grape!)


The best spot to enjoy the sea without crowds: MARATEA (whose name derives from Greek and means “goddess of the sea”) 


The city that secretly has the “most beautiful kilometer in Italy”: REGGIO CALABRIA (the Lungomare Falcomatà makes you breathe a contemporary cross-section of a region that is always too painted as backward)