Borgo Eibn

Secluded Oasis in the Alps


A refuge from everything that isn’t necessary. At Borgo Eibn the mountains take center stage. This family run boutique hotel in the Carnic Alps is exactly this: a place to remind ourselves how to appreciate time and nature. The perfect escape from the city, where your lifestyle has to adapt to the ways of the mountain.


Sauris is a small village with less than 500 habitants situated in Fruili Venezia Giulia, set atop the mountains at 1400 meters above sea level. Just 65km north of Udine and 72km east of the better known Cortina d’Ampezzo it is a unique place untouched by mass tourism, a place where authenticity isn’t in question.


We discovered Borgo Eibn through a friend and contributor and immediately fell in love with the idea of a borgo “diffused hotel” hidden in an undiscovered area of the Alps. An idea of hospitality born from a combination of family traditions and the enthusiasm of youth. Like many stories of change and innovation, this one starts with a strong woman who had to take charge: nonna Adriana, left widowed, young and with child, the first woman to wear pants in the area, took hold of her family business and took several dives into hospitality. A marriage between her son Mario and Elena, daughter of cattle breeders and cheese makers, created an inseparable bond of meat and cheese. Their daughter Viola and her husband Rocco made Borgo Eibn their dream project; a place where they could share the beauty of the mountains and the products of their land. This is their home and passion. 


The modern mountain lodges were completely renewed and offer 15 suites, pets allowed. Internet connection is available… although you probably won’t want to use it. Everything about this boutique hotel is meant to connect you with nature. The lodges are completely built in over 250-year-old upcycled larch wood and if you pay attention you might be able to find ancient carvings on the wood that attest to its past lives. Be ready to gaze in awe at the night sky, there is hardly anywhere else you can see as many stars; fall in love with the forest while adventuring on one of the many treks by foot or on mountain bikes. Among the many experiences Borgo Eibn offers, we suggest horseback riding excursions and canoeing on the lake at dawn. Another important part of this mountain experience is the spa, with the Finnish and bio hay saunas, turkish baths, pool and massages on request. 


However, like it often happens when we visit new places and regions in Italy, here there is one experience that deserves a description on its own, food! 

Nearly anything you will eat at Borgo Eibn is home grown or made, whether vegetables from their orchard or locally grown and produced meat and cheese. In your room, you will find homemade milk, yogurt, jams and apples from the orchard. You will know it is morning from the aroma of coffee brewed on the huge Bialetti mokas. At breakfast, you will find warm bread, polenta with milk and cinnamon, omelettes made with fresh eggs from the barn, and all their own meats and cheeses. Must try: the berries grown in Lateis, a nearby village, a perfect match for the locally made yogurt. Lunch and dinner menus vary micro-seasonally, every two to three weeks, depending on the availability of local ingredients. Rocco and Toni, also known as masters of the grill, prefer to cook almost anything on a live fire. Risotto, gnocchi, polpette, steaks, fresh produce, everything is rigorously homemade. Expect no disappointments, every new addition to the menu is tested and tasted by the family where nonna’s approval is necessary. 


Borgo Eibn is a place true to its roots, a boutique hotel in the Alps like no other, because it tells its own story. The story of a young couple, who decided to create something of their own, something new that could shed light on the beauty of their land and their family traditions. A refuge, a haven for themselves and for all their guests.


A few segreti (secrets) from Rocco:


Laite restaurant in Sappada


Naturpreiths in Sauris di sopra (small farm of medicinal herbs and herbal teas of a couple of boys in the middle of the woods – the walk to reach them is wonderful, the herbal teas drunk in the middle of the fields are wonderful)


Zipline over the lake (above the lake of Sauris)