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Meet Yolanda Edwards: Founder of YOLO JOURNAL



A true inspiration to us at Italy segreta – Yolanda is a constant traveler and the definition of a woman who perseveres. Formally Creative Director at Condé Nast Traveler Yolanda is now dedicating most of her time to telling the story of incredible places around the globe.


What is the first thing you do or place you go to when you land?  

As soon as we get out of customs we head straight for whatever airport coffee shop is closest. Besides it being necessary after an overnight flight from the States, it is always going to be infinitely better than any coffee I have back in Nyc.


What Italian city do you keep going back to? Why?

There are the cities like Florence, Milan, and Rome, that I keep going back to because I have work there (although don’t get me wrong–i love them!), And there are the places I go back to because I make the effort to go all on my own. Because I live in a city, I don’t usually seek out cities without there being attached–but Naples would be one that I keep going back to just for the love of it.


When you think of Italy, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

The most lovely varied landscapes, with the most interesting and warm characters, and the most beautiful traditions and craft.


If you could take something, anything, from italy back home, what would it be?

Lemons! They are the most beautiful and fragrant there!


Describe Italy in one sentence.

Italy is a place, but it is also a way of living, which is why we all universally love it.


Photo by Clara Hranek