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Meet Whitney Robinson & Marc Karimzadeh

Editor in Chief, Elle Decor &

Communications / Editorial Director, CFDA


What is the first thing you do or place you go to when you land?

Whitney gets a massage at the hotel and then we head for the nearest bar for a doppio espresso to give us fuel for a day of exploring!

What Italian city do you keep going back to? Why?

Work takes us to Milan frequently, but we keep coming back to Rome. Che bella cittá! To us, Rome is about discovery, whether indulging in the perfect plate of spaghettini all moro (a twist on the classic carbonara) at ristorante al moro or giudea artichokes in the shadow of the great synagogue of Rome (we like food); exploring via di Monserrato which boasts the most perfect shops like Soledad Twombly and chez dede, or paying a visit to palazzo colonna (open to the public only on Saturday mornings!). We always make sure to visit the Trevi fountain as well. It may be a typically tourist thing to do, but we throw in a coin each time to make sure we come back to Rome.

When you think of Italy, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

La Grande Bellezza

Give away one helpful tip on how to travel in Italy.

Get a driver! It can be expensive but we’ve got lots of ground to cover and not so much time to do it. You will discover so much more. We love to get lost in Italian cities!

If you could take something, anything, from Italy back home, what would it be? 

We’re jews. The stained glass ceiling of the great synagogue of Rome (and some jewish artichokes).

How would you describe Italy in one sentence? 

The pinnacle of style and good taste with just the right amount of flash.