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Tramezzini: The Little, Triangular Sandwiches of Venice’s Cicchetti Bars

Tramezzini are classic little sandwiches – white bread stuffed to bursting with mayonnaise & other fillings – that have been updated by the cicchetti bars. They are an important part of Venetian life & are often served with a glass of wine. You need squares of white bread with the crusts cut off (about 10 cm/4 inches square), which you then halve into 2 triangles. 

The tramezzini are stuffed in the middle then taper down on the corners. Keep them covered if you won’t be serving them immediately so the edges don’t curl up.

Here are some ideas:

A layer of mayonnaise, then a small slice of ham & 2 artichoke quarters (the ones bottled in oil)

A layer of mayonnaise, a tablespoon or so of drained crumbled tuna, 3 opened-out capers & a slice of hard-boiled egg in the middle

Chopped/pureed blanched asparagus mixed with a little mayonnaise, poached scampi, a couple of blanched asparagus tips & a sprinkle of ground pepper. Add a dab more mayonnaise to keep the top slice of bread in place. 

A layer of mayonnaise, sliced egg, a couple of anchovies broken up & ground pepper 

Mayonnaise, sliced egg & a few thin slices of truffle

Photography by Manos Chatzikonstantis