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The Young Italian Photographers That Best Capture Italy’s Essence


Eleonora D’Angelo

Eleonora d’Angelo was born in Naples 35 years ago. Education and family history lead her to a course of study that for the first years of her adolescence relegates photography to a simple escapism. She graduated in Medicine and Surgery and then specialized in Radiology. Thanks to a hint of looking inward and a lucky encounter, a few years later she returned to her creative destiny. With her newfound passion as a fashion photographer she can say that now she is happy. Her photography preserves the myth of decadent beauty, aesthetic value, neoclassical art with delicate tones, as a result of her painful and thoughtful path.


Stephanie and Eduardo Cerruti

Eduardo Cerruti and Stephanie Draime are a Paris and NYC / Paris based photography team, as well as life partners. Coming from greatly distinct backgrounds, Eduardo’s roots originate in Florence, Italy and Stephanie comes from a Mexican American family, raised in Hawaii and later Florence, where the couple met in 2010. You can find the two enjoying a baguette, speaking two or three different languages on the River Seine.


Federico Ciamei

Federico is based in Milano, Italy, where he works as a photographer for editorial projects both on assignment and self produced. Federico collaborates with international magazines and independent ventures such as The New York Times Style Magazine, M le Magazine du Monde, Travel + Leisure, Missoni, Wired, D La Repubblica


Michele Iacobini

Michele is a young Italian (Roman to be exact) freelance photographer. He is currently based between Italy and NYC with a specialty in travel and fashion photography.


Paolo Abate

Paolo, is a 24 year old photographer originally from Naples but currently living in Switzerland where he studied interior design. In his own words “Non vivo più a Napoli ma porto nel cuore il ricordo della luce estiva sulle coste sorrentine, non a caso ci ritorno ogni volta che posso” (I no longer live in Naples but I carry in my heart the memory of the summer light on the Sorrento coast, not surprisingly I go back whenever I can.)