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Tenuta di Paternostro is an equestrian farm in the heart of Tuscia Viterbese – a region that has true natural and artistic worth, still hidden from the reigns of mass tourism. Tenuta di Paternostro is a place that holds moments of peace and authentic “otium”, enjoying an endless view of pastoral landscapes that herds of native horses graze. A home away from home where to wake up in the morning to the sounds of the swallows and the hoopoe birds, have breakfast on a centuries old millstone made of granite and lunch under the foliage of an oak tree that whispers in the wind, savor a glass of wine at sunset by the haybarn decorated with kilims and cushions from around the world while the daylight slowly changes crimson, gold, and pink right in front of your eyes and, when the night falls, relish in the magical moonlight over the countryside and the soft light radiated by dozens of candles and lanterns while the night birds are starting their “day”.


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While life feels as if its been put on pause for the past year, the opening of a new exhibition at the Capitolini museums, unveiling ninety-six precious marbles, considered among the world’s most important private collections of Greek-Roman classical art, gives us all a sign of life, of hope and of much needed culture. While, taking us into a frozen reality, but one we actually enjoy to stay still in time.


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Temperatures begin to drop but the bright colors of autumn warm us up and the seasonal vegetables from artichokes to our adored roman puntarelle fill our bellies. There is no trattoria or family in Rome and its surroundings where puntarelle are missing on the table. From November to early spring, served fresh, and bought directly from the hands who spend hours cleaning and cutting them into green curls. Perfectly crunchy and seasoned with a tasty sauce based on garlic and anchovies, this salad with a slightly bitter flavour is a typical side dish of Roman cuisine that we could easily have at every meal.





Bologna is what we call a food capital but the city is not only a pleasure for the taste buds but for all the senses — its nicknames nicely sum her up: “La Grassa” (The Fat for its rich cuisine), “La Rossa” (The Red for its building colors and political views) and “La Dotta” (The Erudite because the city’s university is one of the first in the world, founded in 1088). A combination of culture, terra-cotta and food, every corner is a postcard and every meal is one to remember. But enough talking, that we know “Äl ciâcher i én ciâcher e äl tajadèl i s mâgnen” (“Words are just words while the tagliatelle you can eat”) so


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A love story, a world renowned Italian modernist artist / furniture designer and an art curator. Two people, one couple, who will be dearly missed — their words will stay forever and serve as great inspiration for many.


In remembrance of Enzo e Lea