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The 5: What We are Obsessed with This Month




“FICHI!” – luscious, sweet flavor, soft, jammy texture, complex interior as if looking into the puzzle that is nature, figs are definitely one of the foods we obsess about all summer long. As the ancient Greeks and Romans we consider them sacred and aphrodisiac.

The heavenly combination of prosciutto and fichi is unmatched!



While Chianti is a region well known for its wine, trust us when we say it will soon become famous for it’s Gin too. Not any Gin but that of the young and knowledgeable Enrico Chioccioli Altadonna. Enrico started distilling Winestillery Gin and Vodka from Sangiovese grapes, turning hard alcohol into something you want to sip and enjoy just like a fine wine. No HANGOVER assured.



Why are we obsessed? A historic property that dates back to the 18th century Villa Talamo is an impossibly well-guarded secret surrounded by beautiful gardens and the turquoise Tyrrhenian sea… our dream ten room villa in one of the most untouched corners of Italy, the Tuscan coast. 



While you can’t find her online she’s well known for her intricate handwork and exquisite taste. She made her passion for fashion into a lifelong career by designing and creating made-to-measure evening dresses and bridal gowns of the highest craftsmanship. Rina only uses fabrics made in Italy; wools and cottons from Biella and silks in Como. You will find her in her beautiful atelier, based in Florence along the Arno.



“L’Isola selvaggia” – Only few know and even fewer get the chance to visit this wild isolated island. What used to be the home to the Monastery of San Mamiliano and then the Savoy family private hunting lodge is now a natural protected reserve inhabited only by its guardians Giorgio and his wife Luciana. Not for the instant gratification crowd, you are able to visit with very limited permission: current wait list, about 3 years! Get in line here.