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The 5: Rome Things We are Obsessed With This Month




“A surly city, of course, but because she is aware of her role”

Ettore Scola




“It’s an Oriental life that unfolds on the roof terraces of Roman houses, where people study, work, cook, eat, have guests, dance, wash laundry, sing and make love.”

A spacious kitchen, a bright bedroom, a washer, dryer, these are a few of the basic things most people look for when searching for an apartment..ours is ‘il terrazzo!” While frantically scrolling through hundreds of listings, we desperately search for those two magic word “with terrace”… it could be a shoe box, the kitchen might be 200 years old and we might have to walk up six flights of uneven stairs, our answer is “as long as it has a terrace we don’t care.” 

A terrace, a small outdoor area from where to observe and live life. Who needs a beautiful home when you have a terrace where you can do everything you would do inside, outside, in the company of your neighbours, the seagulls and most importantly the Eternal City. In Rome, there is no month you will not sit out there as it never gets too cold. We are well aware that having a private terrace in Rome to observe from above, throw aperitivi and listen to your neighbors fighting or making love is a real luxury so here are four secret terraces from which to enjoy.



Terraces in Rome




Rome from above is all mighty but changing perspective won’t be less fascinating.

Walk through the quiet via Margutta, enter via del Babuino, get lost in via della Scrofa, you will never walk alone. There’s always someone speaking absent-mindly on their phone, someone hanging laundry and foremost there is the city’s walls to keep you company with its color and details. Cause Rome, for those who know how to listen, speaks and plays jokes on its interlocutor, as if it knows him for a long time. Let this feeling involve you and never stop looking, because it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve walk the same street there is always is a surprise that awaits



Roma da Sotto




Every biker or motorcycle driver’s worst nightmare, they serve a daily reminder of the past. They will make any woman never want to wear high heels again but these Roman stones are characteristic of the city and part of what makes life here so special. 



The Little Saint Peters of Rome




We are a country filled with talent. Talent that beautifully represents us all over the world but that we would love to keep local. 

What if we could appreciate, support and see ourselves, us Italians, as the world sees us and give ourselves an opportunity to grow and develop without having to run to another country so that we can be fully appreciated?
Artists who make the rest of the world and ourselves re-discover our Italy and see it from a different angle, perspective, lens, reminding us how lucky we are. These Roman photographers are an example of how through their lens the world can get to know all the beauty we have to offer. 



Photographers in Rome

Images by Paolo Di Lucente, courtesy the artist

Images by Paolo Di Lucente, courtesy the artist




Looking after your parents is hard, looking after a city, your birthplace, with a tremendous heritage and infinite stories to tell may be harder. Rome has its own time, pace, figures, history and artifacts all with their own opinions, but it knows how to forge lasting relationships with those who know how to share the love of beauty. Discover the 90 year –– and still counting –– relationship between the Maison Fendi and its birthplace, Rome.



Fendi, the Artisan of Dreams