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The 5: All Italian Wine





Our economy might not be the strongest one in the world, but our wine production certainly is. Italy produces around 39-50 million hectolitres per year, accounting for around 1/3 of the world’s wines and 225 million cases exported far and wide.

Let’s just say we have our priorities straight. 


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Call it a trend but we believe this one is here to stay. 

Change, evolution, innovation, new practices that embrace old traditions to create something different (in many cases deliciously good!) in our opinion is always good news! The natural wine movement that is revolutionizing winemaking in Italy and in the rest of the world is bringing excitement and breaking the rules — how can we not love it? 

The lines are blurred and rules are few and unwritten, natural winemakers base themselves more on a common understanding, a concept where wine is created in its purest form with no additives and barely any artificial manipulation. 

It doesn’t live in a category and we believe it shouldn’t. To us, it’s simply wine, bottles of wine that we enjoy drinking. Taste is luckily objective and breaking news: it’s ok to like both! You can opt for both a bold oak-aged bottle of red or/and a “glou- glou” lighter chilled red wine. So we suggest we stop calling it natural or funky or different, let’s just call it wine, and try to find out which bottles we like best.  


It is well worth your time and exploration




When it comes to wine nothing stops us. Not even drained, loose, sandy, friable soil, with residue of volcanic ashes. Etna is truly one of the most astounding terroirs in the world —  part of its charm lies in the risk that comes with planting vines under an active smoking volcano. We Italians like all challenges, especially those that involve wine. We have learned to appreciate and make the best out of our diverse terroir — in this case producing marvelous simple, elegant wines.


Discover IDDA, she who we should thank for this phenomena


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Our love for Puglia is no secret, its fertile soil, it’s distese azzure, its millinery olive tree, and cone-shaped houses. The people of Italy’s boot have a magic capacity to make everything feel like home and so does their wine. We started by spending our summers replacing water with  Cala Furia rosè and at the first fall breeze we passed on to Torcicoda (a very current interpretation of primitivo). They might not be an oak barrel bordeaux or grand cru, but they are definitely the kind you want to drink at all times… and they’re an excellent something to bring when invited to a dinner or lunch.


As you might know there is nothing worse than presentarsi a mani vuote




When thinking of Italian wine most of you will think of Tuscany with its verdant hills spotted by cypresses and lush vineyards. Names such as Chianti, Brunello, and Vernaccia will be the first ones to pop up in your search…it’s true wine does run in the Tuscan veins but what if we told you that some of the best wines are produced in regions you’ve probably never heard of! Starting off with: