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Sunset Hunting in Sardinia

“After spending the day at the beach, especially the very long afternoon, interspersed with an ice cream and a coffee, between a swim and a chat, everything stops. A moment of quiet.”

What is more poetic than the sun that takes leave, disappearing behind the curtain of the sea?

A slow motion dive beyond the horizon, to leave us the calm of a day just ended.

Ideas, plans for tomorrow fade for an instant.

We are pervaded by that nostalgia for distant moments in the past, and there seems to be no hurry to think about the future, that slight anguish of tomorrow is dominated by “very deep stillness”, to quote the poet Leopardi.

The moment tinged in red is a photograph of stopped time, which lets go of time lost. This is why we strive to immortalize it, that fleeting moment of stillness.

This is my ode to sunset, a time of day that never ceases to amaze us.

I have seen splendid sunsets in my life, burning on the Venetian lagoon, overlooking the palaces in Milan, faded over Lake Lecco, among the leaves of the parks in Parma.

Sunset is a universal catalyst.

But in Sardinia, the Mediterranean island so famous for its white beaches and crystal clear waters, it is an absolute cult.

Try to imagine:

After spending the day at the beach, especially the very long afternoon, interspersed with an ice cream and a coffee, between a swim and a chat, everything stops.

A moment of quiet.

The children have come out of the water, the waves are slowing down. The sound of the surf on the shoreline is music of deep relaxation.

There is an attitude towards sunset, respect for a sacred moment, which in many places, such as the bay of Porto Ferro, is almost religious.

A lazy procession towards Il Baretto begins, to conquer the seats in the front row for the spectacle of the sun setting. 

The city, on the other hand, swarms with pilgrims heading towards the fortress.

A full front line followed by many who brought a picnic: ice-cold beers and some finger food, to enjoy while waiting for the perfect picture moment.

But be wary of those who come for a hit and run photo! Sunsets are a blessing, a moment to be savored slowly. Maybe sitting at the Cult Bar, over a craft artichoke beer served with elegance by Thibaut and a chat about art with Valentina, the owner of the art gallery inside the bar.

In winter we challenge the maestrale (the strong wind from north west) to capture the sunsets, which usually, surrounded by large clouds, gifts us with the most spectacular multi-colored scenery. If you love the most elegant places, you already know the panoramic view of the Hotel Catalunya.

However, few things embody the idea of ​​Italian dolce vita more than grabbing an ice cream and heading towards the sea, even better if in those lazy hours, where the sunlight begins to give up and “get low”.

And let’s face it, the accompaniment par excellence of the summer sunset is the cocktail, the evening aperitif.

Maybe then, for the pre-nightlife, you will like the noisy lounge bars on the beach, such as Il Riservato and Maracaibo.

Moving along the coast, the coastal road towards Bosa, on lunar rocks and small natural pools, it is time to lower the sunglasses, look up from the book, stop any activity to enjoy the purity of lights and colors.

The restaurant that dominates the S’Abba Druche beach will serve you an exceptional fregola allo scoglio with a pink view of total contemplation.

We have arrived at mindful meditation in its purest form.

It is almost impossible to count all the small bays set like precious stones along the Sardinian coast.

From Argentiera to Li cantareddi, enveloped by the scents of the Mediterranean scrub.

If you are passing through Castelsardo, you cannot miss a visit to the breathtaking restaurant Rocca ‘Ja. Breathtaking for both the view and the food, and the pizzas!

We are all romantics when faced with a moment like this.

All the Tibetan meditation classes in my life will never equal the peace I felt in front of the burning sun behind the little Pan di Zucchero in Masua Bay.

Or the last dives before dusk on the island of Carloforte, or perhaps that raw seafood appetizer I ate in the restaurant on the beach of Piscinas (the Sardinian desert).

Not just beaches where you can catch sunsets, don’t underestimate the heights!

Admire the sun going to sleep from the top of an archaeological area such as Monte Baranta in Olmedo, or the spectacular ferrata around the Monteleone Roccadoria tuff mine.

Not to forget the excellence, the nuragic complex of the Su Nuraxi Palace, the set of Antonio Marras’ latest autumn-winter collection.

Or the scenario made famous by national TV, the sunset on the wonderful Supramonte.

Capo Pecora and Sella del Diavolo, S’Archittu and Cala Sapone in Sant’Antioco.

We can not forget Costa Paradiso, and a must visit to the Bini Shell, even more mysterious and lunar illuminated by pink evening lights and Littigheddu where the view of Asinara island is pretty unforgettable. 

Here too, there is an embarrassment of choice. But between the Sea Lounge and il Pacifico Rosemary, I prefer the sacred and mystical atmosphere of the Valley of the Moon.

Capturing sunsets is my obsession; the moment of frenzy that takes me, to grab a beer and towel and run to see it every day, is an appointment that I cannot miss. Do it with caution, because it is addictive.

Il Baretto

Cult Bar

Hotel Catalunya

Il Riservato


S'Abba Druche

Rocca 'Ja


Valley of The Moon

Su Nuraxi Palace

Capo Pecora


Costa Paradiso

Bini Shell