Parco dei Sesi

Archeological Stay and Refuge


The Parco dei Sesi lies in one of Italy’s most spectacular locations: the dramatic and breathtakingly beautiful island of Pantelleria. It sits just two hundred meters from the turquoise Mediterranean Sea overlooking Africa and nestled within an archaeological park dating back to the second millennium BC. It is here you will find the remains of what Pantelleria residents know as Sesi, Megalithic stone necropolises in cone-shapes giving a powerful sensation of ancient energies. With a reverence for both its history and surroundings, the dazzling architectural design of Parco dei Sesi allows it to be camouflaged into its natural environment


Margot and Massimiliano, the owners of Parco dei Sesi, have a special relationship with the island. It was here that they both met, sharing a desire to escape city life. Margot from Paris, and Massimiliano from Milan, they quickly made Pantelleria their home. Together they renovated Massimilano’s family home, and lovingly crafted Parco dei Sesi to the wonder it is today. The renovation was an example of the couple’s dedication to history and art, they documented every step of the process and were careful not to move a single stone. The passion that the couple have for the place, combined with their shared backgrounds in art, fashion and design, are felt too through the care and dedication to each area and room, respecting old traditions and raw materials while bringing contemporary design, understated luxury and comfort to their guests. Art has always held a strong place at Parco dei Sesi and in Massimiliano’s life, for his father is Filippo Panseca, the renowned architect, designer and technical artist, regarded as one of the founders of computer art. 


The Hotel offers a variety of accommodations: suites with private terraces, gardens, and rooftops with panoramic views of the sea; an independent apartment within an archaeological site and a charming dammuso, a round roofed stone habitation typical of Pantelleria, that sleeps up to 7. Each room is decked out with unique antique pieces that the couple have discovered through their travels. Outdoors you will find abundant space for daydreaming, either in nests of comfy beds scattered with woven cushions showing the island’s strong links to Arabic culture, or on the large swimming pool deck surrounded by nature. The grounds are home to some of the fresh produce that is offered to guests: chickens for breakfast eggs; goats for milk as well as organic vegetables, figs, olives and plump capers from the nutrient rich soil and the ingredients for home-made ‘sweet raisin’ passito wine. Dinner is served exclusively for guests on one long table laden, eating together as a community and sharing the most delicious local cuisine. 


Known as the ‘black pearl of the Mediterranean’, the sparsely inhabited Pantelleria was immortalised by Tilda Swinton and Ralph Fiennes in the 2015 film, Bigger Splash. A volcanic outcrop between Sicily and Tunisia, covered in one thousand-year-old Arabic terraces of vines and capers, giving way to wild, herby scrub and jagged lava cliffs. The African coastline is visible from its shores, and the influence from its neighbour is always evident. Difficult as it must be to tear yourself away from the tranquillity and beauty of Parco dei Sesi, the hotel offers a programme of excursions throughout the heart of the island, from ancient ruins, hidden caves, hot springs,natural hot saunas to volcanoes and fumaroles.


Sunset is magical at Parco dei Sesi. As the mountains light up red, the greens of the palms, olives and cacti begin to soften, and you can hear the gentle sounds of the sea brushing up against the rocks. Sunset aperitivo can be enjoyed on a rooftop overlooking groves of olive trees, the sea, and the starriest skies you will ever see.  


The power of this volcanic island and its spectacular landscape, mixed with the romantic and mellow spirit of the hotel, makes Parco dei Sesi an artist’s dream. Margot and Massimiliano, with their passion for the arts, want to keep the creative soul of the property alive by inviting artists from around the world for an annual artist residency. Parco dei Sesi feels much more than a hotel and keeps evolving and moving like its surroundings.  


A few segreti (secrets) from Margot & Massimiliano:


ù’ truscio

Food truck at Punto Spadillo – Few tables on a dirt road, absolutely amazing fresh fish dish. you must not miss it


Abbazia San Giorgio

A wonderful Biodynamic vineyard owned by Battista Belvisi, farmer and winemaker and friend Beppe Fontana,traveling gourmet and glamour chef. They produce an excellent natural orange wine. The Cantina is located in the heart of the island, in a magical rural farm. you’d stay there for hours listening to the owner talking about his vines, eating delicious food, staring at the lush landscape


Cala Nikà

It’s a bit challenging to get down this caletta, but it worth the few sweat drops. Down the cliff you’ll dive into some really warm currents, lay down in the bubbly waters for hours. It’s like the perfect swim


Allevolte Pantelleria

Get dressed like a proper Italian lady always chic for her cocktails and long dinners with friends…