Palazzo Penelope

Sea Views in Polignano a Mare


Four-Room Town House in Polignano a Mare

Special attributesSea View, Location

The closest experience to spending your days on a boat, minus the rocking plus all the luxuries of a very special home


Palazzo Penelope, a four-bedroom townhouse perched atop a 20 meter-high limestone cliff overlooking the crystalline sea of Polignano A Mare, is a one-of-a-kind place, impossible to replicate and hard to forget. In the heart of an otherwise touristic city, at Palazzo Penelope you find a refuge wrapped in truly irreplaceable terraces and owners ready to help you arrange any experience. Absorb all the energy of the lively city, then come home to find some privacy or invite friends over to enjoy this oasis. Not only a place to sleep, but one where to truly live the essence of Puglia, it urges you to know the traditions and lifestyle of a town and region that has so much to offer. 


Get out for a stroll, grab a gelato at bar Turismo; cook a meal while staring out at the sea or have one of the locals (and friends of the owners) Enza and Anna come over to prepare a traditional Pugliese meal or a seafood crudi feast (bend their ears to get their local secrets); discover the coast by boat or the surroundings by car or bike, beyond the town of Polignano (all of Puglia is at your feet); stay in and give your best shot at being a local, laying on the upper terrace with 360 degree views, air drying your laundry with a spritz from your on personal bar in hand; end your nights watching the stars or sitting in front of the fireplace, then slip into a deep, sound sleep in your linen sheets lulled by the sound of the crashing waves.


On one side of the home you can savor the quiet vastness of the sea which disappears into the horizon in the form of impossibly framed sunsets (just you, the sea and whichever hue the sun has decided to give off that day), waves crashing on the coast of Polignano (impressive to say the least), white houses hanging on for their dear lives, and a view of one of Puglia’s most famous restaurants, Grotta Palazzese; a grotto turned restaurant which you no longer dream of eating at when sitting in your very own, and very private, terrace at the edge of the world. On the other side of the townhouse you are in the midst of the buzzing Italian sea town just a five minute walk from a dive into its seas.  


Palazzo Penelope, is not your usual soulless in-and-out house rental, but instead a place with personality, the one of it’s wonderful Danish owners Pernille and Lars who opened their homes to curious travelers who wanted to get to know and appreciate a region they fell in love with over 30 years ago. 


The couple moved into the property in the early aughts (they now live in Masseria Schiuma) with their youngest son, who was unhappily dropped into Italian school without speaking a lick of the language. They truly made the home their own by filling it with art and furniture from their travels and experiences: from the beautifully framed Peter Beard photo in the master bedroom, a gift to Pernille from the photographer himself, to the Fasano ceramic plates hanging over the terrace sink, picked one-by-one, the carefully selected fixtures, various pieces of African ephemera collected from Lars’ travels in search of the best produce, and the floor designed for walking around barefoot.


Simple yet unique and always colorful, leaving the natural elements to be the protagonists: the deep blue sea, the warm rays of the sun and the salty wind blowing through the windows are the most important objects here. Like Puglia, this home can be also enjoyed during the offseason, when life is back to semi-normal, the roads are clear, local men are hanging out in the squares and women out their doors patrolling and controlling the streets. 


A palazzo on the sea, that offers an authentic insider experience into this paradisiac corner of Italy. 


A few segreti (secrets) from Pernille & Lars: 


Trattoria Comes (easy, traditional every day restaurant)


Da Tuccino in San Vito (right on the sea) 


Bella ‘Mbriana Pizzeria for a great sunday pizza night 


La Botteguccia in Via Chiaca (our local grocery shop of choice)


Stranesse (for dress shopping)


Port Alga (where to swim)