Palazzo Albricci Peregrini

Secret Palazzo in the Center of Como


Luxury Boutique Hotel in a Historical Palazzo

Price starts at250€

Special attributesDesign, Breakfast, Services

“We want our guests, at Palazzo Albricci Peregrini in Como, to feel like protagonists of an Italian movie.”


That Lago di Como is one of the most extravagant locations in Italy is not a secret, nor that some of the most iconic and world-famous locations lie on its shores. However, inside the medieval walls of Como city center stands Palazzo Albricci Peregrini, a project born out of passion and a desire to share. Lidia is your host, so carefully attentive that your holiday in Como will feel not too distant from a fairytale.


From booking a room to departure you will immediately sense a different form of hospitality, developed by a family of travelers (an engineer, a lawyer, and two architects) who decided to transform their 15th century family palazzo, uniting the best they uncovered in their journeys. Their desire to discover new places was overwhelmed by a need to connect with different people, and traditions, appreciating the simplest gestures – the small touches that make a big difference.


Renovated with the objective of creating evanescent charm, the glamour of somewhere timeless, that respected the history of its walls, here raw materials evoke emotions and store memories, either original, revived or carefully selected. Stone floors in the entrance tell of the steadiness and immortality of the structure, while those made of wood and expertly crafted cementine in the rooms exude warmth. The Scrustada (“peeled”) room is an example of the commitment to reuse and elevate the historical qualities of the boutique hotel; five layers of paint meticulously removed to uncover the original paint in colors that cannot be replicated without the influence of time. The interior design is a coalescence of family heirlooms and unique artisanally-made furniture — the combination of ageing objects that evoke a tactile sensibility with the smooth surfaces of contemporary custom-made pieces. 


The same attention to detail that was put in the renovation and restoration of the palazzo is assigned to the experience. You will feel at home, but not any home, the ones you might only see in movies, where everything happens just as the thought comes to mind. Guests will be guided to explore nature, the lake itself, the town and surrounding mountains through the eyes of locals without frowning upon iconic experiences such as riding on a Riva boat on the lake, or flying over it aboard a seaplane — because those adventures are simply enduring. Massages, yoga and meditation sessions are all on tap at the Palazzo. The house chef prepares local cuisine at the hotel’s restaurant (solely for those staying at the hotel) — rigorously homemade with fresh ingredients fetched daily from the local farmer’s market (try the tagliatelle al ragù). Like every good host, the family knows very well that breakfast and aperitivo are two moments that not only define your day, but your stay. Savour breakfast, take some extra time to enjoy the morning as you wind up to explore Como. Then, when your day is over, try the house aperitivo, homemade elderflower syrup and prosecco.


Last but not least, this Palazzo is nothing without Noa, the mascot, “owner” and family golden retriever; always ready to greet guests and their beloved pets, but sad when you leave, on your way out asking how to get a hold of the large cloudlike beds, the soft scented linens, and the beautifully decorated plates. This design boutique hotel in Como is the perfect example of how true beauty never loses its luster.