Masseria Schiuma

Design Farmhouse by the Sea


Luxury Masseria with six rooms

The wood-fired oven is heating up, a breeze is blowing, music is playing in the garden; the combination of pink bouganville, tropical flowers, green edera, Moroccan chandeliers, white and blue striped pillows, light limestone make you want to kick off your shoes and walk barefoot from the moment you step foot into Masseria Schiuma. In the horizon you see the crystalline blue seas, just a ten minute walk from Masseria Schiuma. Welcome to where the sea foam (SCHIUMA) meets the expanses of olive groves and poppies, where pink staircases lead you to secret terraces, stumble upon azure rooms and rooms that open up to secret citrus gardens, tiled bathrooms, free-standing bathtubs, and an upper floor mid-century apartment with three large terraces overlooking the uncontaminated beauty of Bari, Puglia…a maze that makes you hope to never find your way out. 


A six bedroom restored farmhouse in the unexpected countryside between Monopoli and Savelletri is available for seven nights, the minimum amount of time needed to experience the place fully and get a taste of Puglia. Schiuma hides ample living spaces to enjoy with family and friends, and others where to be alone with the sounds and scents of Puglia. An homage to craftsmanship, slow living, without falling into cliches. 


The world of Schiuma is eclectic, unique, sophisticated and ultimately real. It brings you back to the origins of the land while catapulting you into the future. You are surrounded by nature, which calls for the complete privacy the Masseria provides. 


Make the quick drive to one of the several local outposts to grab some incredibly fresh fruit and vegetables recently plucked from the powerfully red soil, because in Puglia you must only eat what is available and in season. Stay in the Masseria’s glamping tent to experience the outdoors and touch the starry skies, wake up and dive into the saltwater olympic pool and rinse off in the olive tree turned outdoor shower. 


You will not only live with all the possible comforts you can dream of but you will get to experience the luxury of having a non-white glove authentic experience. You will feel in Puglia but without the cliches, no white washed walls here or pomi pugliesi but fun tasteful design from Puglia and all over the world. From the Finnish Yrjo Kukkapuro living room lounge chairs to the Francesco Fasano plates to an enormous chandelier made of vintage gasoline pumps constructed by a local artist hanging in the dining room. Here you find the connection with the land, the people, and the owners.


Masseria Schiuma is a home in every sense of the word; the owners, Danish couple Pernille and Lars, now live here for most of the year. They open their home to a few guests in the summer season when they travel back to Copenhagen, while in the spring and fall Pernille organizes mindful yoga retreats. Their motivation: sharing their Puglia with the intent of creating something that goes beyond the basic form of hospitality, something that will educate and give back to a region which has taught them some incredible lessons. 


From the products the couple make themselves (Terra di Puglia), to the locals Enza and Domenico who will assist and take care of your every need, you will live a full experience… but be careful because if you’re like us you’ll be looking to buy a home in Puglia to mimic the life this wonderful power couple created for themselves. It does not sell you a dream but a beautiful reality. 


A few segreti (secrets) from Pernille & Lars: 


Lido Bamboo (beach club 5 minute walk from Schiuma)


Masseria La Cattiva (for amazing natural wines)


Ristorante da Silvè in Fasano


Tulsi Shop (beautiful, colorful clothing) 


Masseria Lamapecora (for great cheese)


Masseria Monte (for local groceries)