Masseria Lamacoppa

The Pugliese Estate


Luxury Masseria with six rooms

Special attributesHammam, Pool, Gym, Pizza Oven, Organic Vegetable Garden

If in search of an out-of-this-world getaway to holiday, relax and experience la dolce vita like never before, then look no further than Masseria Lamacoppa in Ostuni: the most comprehensive retreat Italy’s hotspot region of Puglia has to offer. We warn you; this six-bedroom, picture-perfect property, which is available to rent in entirety week-through and year-out, it’s mozzafiato, it will undoubtedly capture your heart.


Surrounded by woodland for as far as the eye can see, Masseria Lamacoppa is built on a 73-hectare estate, 5km south of ‘Citta Bianca’ the beautiful white city of Ostuni and a short 15 minute drive from the jagged coves and sandy capes of the Adriatic Sea. An interior designer and her husband purchased the 17th century fortified farmhouse in the early 90s as a holiday home for themselves and their two sons. Back then, Puglia was a no-tourist, glamour-zero zone. Over the years, the crowds have crawled in yet the region remains remarkably raw, untouched and tranquil


The abandoned Masseria underwent a rigorous renovation as the owners sought to restore its natural beauty and form. Retaining the historic constitution and charm, they injected the property with sumptuous modern comforts and curated a space that, above all, speaks unmistakably and wholeheartedly for them. The results are beyond ravishing. Approached down a long drive of olive-groves, the old two-storey farmhouse grandly awaits, gleaming creamy white against the bright blue skies. It has ornate chimneys, grass green shutters and doors that are tone-on-tone with the lawn out front. Turn the key and sweet citrus scents flood the air as a walled garden brimming with lemon trees meets and marvels the eye. 


The bountiful trees of olives and lemons, used to create Masseria Lamacoppa’s own extra-virgin oil and limoncello, make up just a small part of the estate’s endless stretches of flower and vegetable gardens – the produce of which is a primary source to the guzzling goodness, prepared and served up throughout your stay by the inhouse chef Latifa. The grounds are also home to a private chapel, where services are held on Sundays. There are a few roaming donkeys, and a pool with a connecting jacuzzi, so lavish and large it gets dubbed the ‘Lamacoppa Lake’. The pool-house is equipped with its own kitchen, pizza oven, outside dining area, gym and hamman


Inside, the cool and spacious rooms are majestic in scale but individual in feel, a far cry from the archetypal rental villa. It is predominantly a family home, and as the matriarch reflects, ‘my children grew up knowing every stick and stone of this place.’ Her son lightly responds, “The house has always been a bit of a dumping ground for family treasures’. The interior is indeed a treasure trove, the outcome of years of collecting, a happy fusion of European antique furniture, Moroccan artefacts, family memorabilia and contemporary art. There are several exquisite sculptures by the renowned Italian sculptor, Arturo Martini, who worked between the two wars shifting his style from modernism to classicism.


The vast principal rooms on the ground floor include a dining room with pink plastered walls, a domed drawing room, a library and a bedroom opening onto the lush courtyard. The house sleeps 12 and the remaining five high-ceilinged bedrooms, some with four poster beds, can be found on the first floor, where there is also an idyllic area for lounging, bordered by a spectacular sunset terrace. Most definitely spoilt for choice, you can choose to eat inside al pink or outside al fresco. The poolside, the gardens and under the courtyard’s shaded portico are dreamlike dining options that make the feasting even the finer. 


‘What you want, as you want and in the best possible way.’ This motto is employed by the Masseria’s team of staff who are there to carefully curate your one-of-a-kind stay and arrange activities to your tastes and requests, both in and outside of the estate; be it horseback riding in the surrounding woods, picnics amidst the olive groves or an open-air cinema set up in the gardens. You can master the making of the region’s delicacies with in-house cooking lessons that will have you preparing popizze, pasticciotti and panzerotti like a true pugliese or you can visit nearby ancient villages and Ostuni with a private tour guide, meeting local artisans along the way.  


The beautiful rooms and grounds at Masseria Lamacoppa make for a perfect wedding venue and their in-house wedding planner can help with all aspects and arrangements. Other events can also be arranged with guests enjoying cocktails by the swimming pool, formal lunches or dinners in the gardens, or perhaps a more informal party in the orchards and lemon groves.  


So, line up your relatives, call in your friends and round up the parties; Masseria Lamacoppa is a home you need to discover. Its historic heart and family-felt warmth will allow you to live the magic lands of Puglia as a local, unearth its deepest secrets and soak up its soul, and sun!