Casa G

An Exceptional Place

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    A villa rented as a whole with 360° sea views

    Minimum stay3 nights

    Price starts at600€ - 1200€ / night depending on season

    Special attributes4 bedrooms / 8 people, terrace with sunbeds, outdoor shower

    “Dear diary, I am happy only at sea, on the journey between an island I have just left and another that I have to reach.” ~ (Nanni Moretti in the film Caro Diario)


    It is not easy to find your perfect island, but when you recognize it, your soul will be forever enriched— and Filicudi might just be it. 


    An exceptional place.


    One of the westernmost and smallest islands of the Aeolian Archipelago,  Filicudi has been inhabited since Neolithic times. With most of the island a nature reserve, the 250-odd inhabitants live from fishing, farming, wine and olive oil production, as well as modest tourism. Layers of volcanic tuff rock stretch into the crystal-clear sea, the beauty, wildness, and perhaps the mystery, of this unspoiled and remote island will take your breath away. Fill your lungs. Open your eyes. Breathe in the scents that change with each season: wildflowers, fennel, figs, mint, yellow flowering broom and oregano. Large rocks emerge from the sea, capers and prickly pears grow in abundance and the coastline is renowned for its numerous caves with crystalline depths such as the famous Bue Marino, which takes its name from the ‘ox bellow’ clamour made as the sea crashes against it.


    The three villages on the island are connected by the only paved road: Filicudi Porto is the docking point for ships; Valdichiesa has a church (as its name suggests), with a pink painted façade and an ancient cemetery, and the south lying Pecorini a Mare was home to one of Italy’s greatest photographers, Giovanni Gastel (his work was shown in 2021 at MAXXI Rome). His house has just opened its doors for the first time to visitors: to those who are not afraid to travel that extra mile, who appreciate the value of time and truly wish to disconnect from technology (the signal on the island is not the best). A window (or better a terrace) on the sea and onto Sicily, a refuge for anyone wishing to leave behind their hectic lifestyle and to seek beauty in nature, where life has a rhythm of its own and it is impossible not to escape relaxation and serenity. CasaG is the spontaneous expression of all this in a house. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. The house is spread over three levels and can be reached solely by foot (just the last 200 meters) through a narrow but well-placed road. Four double bedrooms and bathrooms in equal number with a plus: an external shower for those warm days to freshen up before a seafood dinner served on the terrace overlooking the sea and the sea only. Giovanni Gastel’s ability of capturing the world’s beauty and his special connection with light and the visual, are perfectly embraced at CasaG, where the eyes, like all the other senses, have their role. 


    At CasaG you will experience the personality of its creator and his family: the extreme desire for peace and the deeply rooted need to reconnect with nature’s rhythm. You will feast on what the island offers: capers, rosemary, basil, oregano, cherry tomatoes “a pennula”, eggplants, and lots of seafoodonly local and wild, fished the same morning – and not to forget the almond desserts like the “pipparelli” best enjoyed dipped in the local sweet dessert wine, Malvasia. Wake up with the sun and fall asleep under the stars.  No matter the season, you will walk the island and swim its seas. The island will teach, and you will enrich it, for this is Filicudi’s secret contract. 


    CasaG is a place that needs to be lived within the context of Filicudi. Each will have their own rhythm and desires but share something in common: the nostalgia that will hit when you leave. Don’t they call it the “mal di Paradisola?” 


    Tips pre island adventure:

    Watch Nanni Moretti’s 1993 “Caro Diario”, read Filicudi Diary and purchase “Filicudi l’Isola Magica”, to start immersing yourself in a quality of life that will be hard to beat. 


    A few segreti (secrets) from Marco Gastel: 


    Want to experience the island like a local, visit Filicudi OFF SEASON! 

    Live Filicudi through its various guises : gastronomy, agriculture, art – starting with the world’s smallest art biennale, which takes place in the winter season. 

    Enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner at La Sirena 

    Visit Gisbert Lippert, the artist-hermit (or the hermit-artist) who has been living in a cave in Filicudi for more than 50 years 

    Don’t miss the sunrise at Fossa delle Felci