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Pia Zanardi

Founder & Creative Director of Yali Tribe

Pia is the founder and creative director of Yali Tribe. She creates truly enviable blazers mixing Italian renaissance with traditional Chinese influences.


Favorite restaurant and what to order?  

Piperno a Roma. I order carciofi fritti and carbonara.


Your favorite italian weekend getaway?

Bolsena, a mystical place, set on the eastern shore of lake Bolsena. Gigetto is my favourite restaurant there, right on the beach, the perfect spot to have a wonderful meal on a full moon night. From Bolsena I also highly recommend to take a day trip to Bormazo gardens and loose your self inside “Il Parco dei Mostri.”


Who’s your inspiration / favorite italian designer (or artist, architect, painter, photographer) ?

My inspiration mainly comes from the Italian renaissance painters such as Piero della Francesca and Beato Angelico. I also take a lot of inspirations from movies as well, Wong kar-wai and Bernardo Bertulucci definitely teased my curiosity into China.


How would you describe Italy in one sentence? 

Chaotic beauty.