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Meet Margherita Cardelli: Cofounder of Giuliva Heritage

Cofounder of Giuliva Heritage


Favorite restaurant and what to order?  

Roscioli and I love love to order their “pasta burro e parmigiano”


Your favorite Italian weekend getaway?

I adore all of Italy but we always run and stay at campo imperatore in Abruzzo, less than one hour drive from rome. If not there, we love la posta vecchia hotel, 30 mins drive from the city, a magic place to restore our soul.


Who’s your inspiration / favorite Italian designer (or artist, architect, painter, photographer)?

I am deeply inspired by all Italian design, Gabriella crespi and Gio ponti are my two favorite ones. I could see their works over and over.


What part of Italy can you not live without?

Food. The freshness of everything I eat everyday is something I literally cant live without.


How would you describe Italy in one sentence? 

L’Italia è la dolce vita