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Lunetta 11: Who Illuminates the Great Night

Between experimentation and landscape

Exhibition on display from June to September across the Alta Langa area (Mombarcaro, Murazzano, Dogliani) by appointment only

Lunetta is a small “borgata” dating back to the 17th century found in the forest covered hills right outside the center of Mombarcaro. The town Mombacaro, “Langhe’s summit”, is the highest peak with an elevation of 896 MASL. On a clear day the eyes can see as far as the Ligurian sea, or when the fog rolls in seems to be surrounded by an ocean. In this micro population nested amongst rugged forests, and organic cultivation that stretches for kilometers, here there is a different kind of air. Peace, the sounds of birds calling from afar, the soothing breeze coming from off the coast, sometimes you can even smell the salt in the air. Here inspiration strikes, from the void of pollution, noise, and chaos. The harmony of nature that allows one to express the gift of life, it is here that we find Lunetta 11.

In 2014 a family from Torino, who are active in the art and music world, had the chance to purchase a part of this “borgata” and renovate it while respecting the history, and ecological landscape of this peaceful part of Alta Langa. The idea was to give birth to this unique place and to attract curious travelers from around the world to come and visit these under-discovered areas. Since their transfer to Mombarcaro, Claudia Zunino and Francesco Pistoi have been very active with waking up the sleepy Alta Langa towns. They have created a very special network of active desecrated churches dotted amongst the area to display inspirational pieces of modern and contemporary works. Thus making a “rete”, a network between these towns, as a way to share images, and give people a per course to travel and see. 

The passion and determination that Claudia Zunino and Francesco Pistoi have put forth to this artistic project has not only combined the realms of art and music but is one that has united some of the small hamlets in the Alta Langa area. The hamlets united for the 3rd exhibition happening at Lunetta 11 is titled Chi illumina la Grande Notte, in this case a tribute to the great director Elio Petri. An artist project that is aimed at transforming the hills within Dogliani, Mombarcaro, and Murazzano, into a large garden dedicated to art and experimentation. 

The artists on exhibition and their locations sprinkled around the Alta Langa:

Antonello Viola born in Rome in 1966. His artwork on display, along with his method, is particularly sensitive to the perception of a language composed of material, fluidity and chromatic richness. Antonello superimposes glazes of colors and then removes, scrapes, and erases in order to transform the invisible into the visible. 

David Aaron Angeli born in Santiago Chile in 1982, transferred to Trento when he was very young. His sculptures take form using beeswax and oil, reminding us of mythological animals and idols.

Caterina Silva spends her time between London and Rome. Her art is a direct reflection of her interest between relations and gestures of the mental processes. Her whimsical paintings pull you in like the depths of an abyss forging inaccessible thoughts like the tip of an iceberg. Her works can be found in the chapel of Sacra Famiglia in the town of Dogliani.

Ismaele Nones born in Trento Italy. His oil paintings take on iconic collaborations from art of the Medieval, Renaissance, Mannerist, and Neoclassicist periods. While these pictures bring you back to a time past, his intricate and detailed work introduces modern elements. His works can be found in the the Church of San Rocco in the town of Mombarcaro. 

Andrea Barzaghi lives and works in Milano, creating works focused on intellectual concepts of alter egos and mutations.  His work is found in the sanctuary of Beata Vergine di Hal in Murazzano.

Piergiorgio Robino is an artist and designer located in Turin Italy. The philosophy of his Studio Nucleo (Nuclear Studios) is the past, present, future are all united by one film rouge. The sculptures on display in front of the church Santa Caterina d’Alessandria in Borgata Lunetta take on a creepy reality. The sculptures are of children playing, animals, or angelic like sculptures, sliced or squared by a metal so shiny you can see your own reflection. These refections make up the pieces missing from these creatures, creating a whole different perception for every unique spectator. 

Brian Belott comes from the furthest away, living and working in New York City. His work has arrived in the small hamlet of Lunetta in Mombarcaro. Brian’s work is comprised of a complete confusion, mixing in the times of punk and destruction. Copy and paste, tear and glue, destroy and assemble. This is the method to his whimsical and colorful, light and methodic collections. 

Solomostry the monster makers. Born and raised in Milan after having studied graphic design and art direction, fell in love with graffiti art. A calling into the night, where his style of clean lines and color come together. You can find his works on display throughout the Alta Langa (High Langa) in several different mediums; the most displayed is in flag form and can be seen in the center of many of the surrounding towns. 

Max Tomasinelli works worldwide, his permanent collection can be found inside the office of Lunetta 11 in Mombarcaro. The work on display was made specially for the Chi Illumina La Grande Notte with the night sky and its importance in mind. 

Let’s not forget to mention the collaboration with Club to Club, a music festival inspired by avant-garde and pop-culture, and the soundscape that Paolo Dellapiana has created to illuminate the night sky during this exhibition. Club to Club will take place in the hills of Mombarcaro, amongst the trees, the wheat fields, and the night’s sky for an experimental journey of the senses. 

These displays will be open by appointment only from 19 June until 30 September 2021. For more information contact or their site 

Lunetta 11, Borgata Lunetta n. 11

12070 Mombarcaro (CN)




Letizia Cigliutti – a food, and wine lover with lots of character; freelance photographer and art director, traveling the world in search of the best natural light. Born in Italy she spends her time between Piedmont and Stockholm, and when she is not in either place she is on a plane, train, or scooter to somewhere. 

Amanda Courtney – a Boston native who moved to Italy as soon as she first tasted Nebbiolo. Amanda fell in love with an Italian winemaker and spends her time between Piedmont, Sicily, and Puglia. She hosts exclusive bespoke food, wine and culture tours to give travelers an inside look into the homes and lives of Italy’s best winemakers, chefs, and of course nonnas. More information about Amanda’s Wine Adventures you can find here.