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Meet the Family Behind Rome’s Atelier Bomba

An interview with the family behind Atelier Bomba in Rome

Favorite restaurant and what to order?  

CRISTINA BOMBA (Founder): Trattoria Settimio, Via del Pellegrino. On Sunday for lunch it’s handmade fettuccine.

CATERINA NELLI (Artist and Designer for Atelier Bomba): Pizza al taglio from Alice, I get the classic and vegetarian types. At Rocco friggitelli in padella, da Enzo puntarelle, da Piperno il carciofo.

MICHELE AM RUSSO (Bespoke Tailor and CEO of Atelier Bomba):  La crema fritta from Trattoria Monti, Rome.


Your favorite Italian weekend getaway or holiday?

MAR: Now I’m thinking Napoli: Museo Capo di Monte, Certosa di San Martino, Cimitero delle Fontanelle. Lunch at L’Europeo or Da Nennella (if I’m in the mood…)

CB: On the shore of Sabaudia

CN: In our Country homes and by the sea, to meet friends at Hotel Il Pellicano.


Who’s your inspiration / favorite Italian designer (or artist, architect, painter, photographer) ?

MAR: I get inspiration from the creative process itself.

If I should mention an Italian genius, Giacinto Scelsi comes to mind. Perhaps since the vicinity in time.

CB: From Beato Angelico frescos.

CN: From the work of Cristina Bomba, my mother, who has created the style of BOMBA. From an artwork, from what I see on the street or in nature, from an archeological finding, from the history of costume, from the geometries of Abstract Expressionism and from some Pininfarina shapes.


What Italian thing or characteristic you can’t live without?

CB: Our heritage of music, sculpture, painting, architecture. Our food. Our craftsman. The variety of our panoramas. In general, our quality of life.

CN: The language, the farmers market

MAR: Art heritage and quality of life


How would you describe Italy in one sentence?

MAR: Often elegant

CB: Italy is gentle, like its climate and its people

CN: Astonishing, poetical and imaginative

Photo by Iris Humm