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Meet Goooders’ Eva Geraldine

Eva Geraldine is a former fashion editor, creative director, social entrepreneur renowned for her engagement with sustainable and ethical fashion. Eva founded Goooders, a lifestyle concept brought to you as a curation of eco and human friendly brands for the conscious traveler popping up in luxury conscious oriented hotels. The mission is to redefine what it means to wear our values, look fantastic, help ethical brands thrive and save the planet at the same time.Why? because every choice made is a vote for the future we want to live in


Favorite restaurant and what to order?  

I currently live in Milan and one of my favourite restaurant is “torre di pisa” where i always order the same, the best mozzarella in town and omelette with artichokes and potatoes.


Your favorite Italian weekend getaway?

From Milan you can easily reach the ligurian coast, take a riva water taxi from Portovenere and have dinner at Palmaria restaurant on a deserted island with a few rooms to spend the night.


Who’s your inspiration / favorite Italian designer (or artist, architect, painter, photographer) ?

Fellini’s movies are probably the best to show a bite of an Italy that still exists in small towns, La Strada, the first road movie in history is one of my favourite as I love road trips.


How would you describe Italy in one sentence? 

Fireworks on a midsummer night.