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Disco Segreta a.2

Musica Segreta is a conceptual project of photojournalism, sound, and storytelling by Letizia Cigliutti and Amanda Courtney. We will take you into the homes, studios and lives of Italy’s young and talented musicians. While Italy has many secret places to discover, food to taste, and people to meet; there is also a whole secret life of music culture within this beautiful country.  We will fill your head with imagination, your hearts with short stories and your ears with each dj’s sounds. Every artist interviewed will create a playlist of songs that is their interpretation of Italy through Music. Let us bring you there, to Italy, through sound, story, and image. Tune in and enjoy a glass of Italian wine.



A bit about Francesco: Mombarcaro, “Langhe’s summit” and the highest peak has an elevation of 896 meters above sea level; on a clear day the eyes can see as far as the Ligurian sea; when the fog rolls in it seems to be surrounded by an ocean. In this micro population nested amongst rugged forests, and organic cultivation that stretches for kilometers, here there is a different kind of air. Peace, the sounds of birds calling from afar, the soothing breeze coming off the coast, sometimes you can even smell the salt in the air. Here inspiration strikes, from the void of pollution, noise, and chaos. The harmony of nature that allows one to express the gift of life, it is here that we find Lunetta 11, a project created by Francesco Pistoi and Claudia Zunino. Lunetta 11 is a renovated borgata, bringing back to life the anima (soul) of these 17th century buildings, and the tradition of this land. 

From the age of 16 Francesco Pistoi (DJ Pisti) has taken over the stages from Murazzi Torino, to Detroit and Miami with his techno sounds, playing with some of the world’s most important electronic musicians in venues and parties allowing DJ Pisti’s turn tables to become the rhythm of the night. Francesco’s has worked on several musical projects including Motel Connection, Krakatoa, & his most current Mangaboo, in a constant practice of his ultimate goal: to become a hub of experimental music. A new collaboration with Club to Club is evolving into an ever changing venue, “A Cura di Club to Club” where every year a different location will host these important experimental music events. 

The inspiration that goes into experimental music can be achieved by taking in the surroundings. Lunetta 11’s is a soundscape, absorbing the inspiration of the Langhe and projecting it so the ears can understand, bringing sight, sound, and sensation to the small town of Mombarcaro and a select few neighboring towns.

Letizia Cigliutti – a food, and wine lover with lots of character; freelance photographer and art director, traveling the world in search of the best natural light. Born in Italy she spends her time between Piedmont and Stockholm, and when she is not in either place she is on a plane, train, or scooter to somewhere. 

Amanda Courtney – a Boston native who moved to Italy as soon as she first tasted Nebbiolo. Amanda fell in love with an Italian winemaker and spends her time between Piedmont, Sicily, and Puglia. She hosts exclusive bespoke food, wine and culture tours to give travelers an inside look into the homes and lives of Italy’s best winemakers, chefs, and of course nonnas. More information about Amanda’s Wine Adventures you can find here.