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Disco Segreta A.1

Disco Segreta is a conceptual project of photojournalism, sound, and storytelling by Letizia Cigliutti and Amanda Courtney. We will take you into the homes, studios and lives of Italy’s young and talented musicians. While Italy has many secret places to discover, food to taste, and people to meet; there is also a whole secret life of music culture within this beautiful country.  We will fill your head with imagination, your hearts with short stories and your ears with each dj’s sounds. Every artist interviewed will create a playlist of songs that is their interpretation of Italy through Music. Let us bring you there, to Italy, through sound, story, and image. Tune in and enjoy a glass of Italian wine.



Located in the historic center of the village Acqui Terme we find a small jewel amongst the wine filled streets, Reparto Vinile a small but eclectic record shop. This small Monferrato village is famous for its Brachetto d’Acqui wine and its natural hot sulphur springs that once brought the Romans to colonize here. Still today these ancient baths attract many from all over the world. Here we will find a day in the life of Luca Bernascone, a Deejay, music journalist, and vinyl collector who is owner of the Reparto Vinile record shop in Acqui Terme.

For Luca his word is music, his passion, his lifeblood are all interwoven by the disco beats coming from every speaker. When he has the opportunity to play his Deejay sets in clubs and festivals, the music of his childhood, it is a never-ending story. It is a journey into sound. One that has always just begun without ever finding an ending. Everyday Luca starts his day with a disco shower, has his cup of espresso and heads over to his small record shop in the center of Acqui Terme. It is here that the music party continues until it is time to close up shop and head home. Luca’s home, built in the 70’s (a very strange period for architecture in Italy, but a great time for musical talent), is where the experimentation takes place. It is here that he has his studio and spends many hours, late into the nights, crafting his talent. Fully loaded with several turntables, speakers, and records covering every inch of space, from here he is able to create some of his greatest mixes. 

Somehow while working with vinyl, Luca finds himself in love with technology and the ways you are able to modify the sounds of the music to create ones of his own, but only to a certain point where technology should not become a dependency. While Luca finds himself in constant search of the hippest beats on the planet, his primary focus is working with the music closest to his heart:  Disco, Funk, House/Techno, World/Etno and even the great classic Italian music. From these genres in a combination of beats, moods and recordings Luca is then able to transform as evening into an everlasting dance party. 

When I had the chance to interview Luca I wanted to know his take on the ideal Italian music. His response: “It is the first music we listen to since childhood that makes us grow and then take our musical direction once we grow up. It is the warmth of our land.” You will find the warmth and the passion that we all imagine Italy is capable of here.



Letizia Cigliutti – a food, and wine lover with lots of character; freelance photographer and art director, traveling the world in search of the best natural light. Born in Italy she spends her time between Piedmont and Stockholm, and when she is not in either place she is on a plane, train, or scooter to somewhere. 

Amanda Courtney – a Boston native who moved to Italy as soon as she first tasted Nebbiolo. Amanda fell in love with an Italian winemaker and spends her time between Piedmont and Sicily. She hosts exclusive bespoke food, wine and culture tours to give travelers an inside look into the homes and lives of Italy’s best winemakers, chefs, and of course nonnas. 


Photos by Letizia Cigliutti