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Costoletta alla Milanese

An intoxicating perfume, a captivating golden crust, a perfect contrast of crunchy coating and tender meat inside are the characteristics that make this classic dish of the Milanese culinary tradition a HIT! 

La costoletta alla milanese also known as “cutuleta” or “uregia d’elefant” (elephant’s ear) has been around for centuries, tracing back to 1134. It’s the way our mother got us to love meat from a very young age, I mean who wouldn’t?




  • 4 bone-in veal chops
  • 190gr (1.5 cups) of bread crumbs
  • 90gr (3/4 cups) flower 
  • 2 eggs
  • 150gr (3/4 cups) clarified butter
  • Salt




  1. Break eggs in a bowl and beat them lightly with a whisk. Place the bread crumbs in a separate container wide enough to contain the full veal chop. We like to add some pepper to the bread crumbs and although not strictly part of the original recipe you can also try to add some finely ground lemon zest too.
  2. Place the Veal Chops on a cutting board and with a knife make a few small incisions around the bone and along the sides to avoid it curling when cooking.
  3. Soak the veal chop in the eggs so that the egg is well distributed on all side of the chop, non-need to cover the full bone.
  4. Pass both sides of the veal chops in breadcrumbs, press with your hands to make sure the crumbs properly stick to the meat 
  5. Take a large pan and melt butter. The pan should be large enough to contain the Veal chops without having them overlap while cooking
  6. When the butter is very hot and sizzling places the veal chops in the pan and cook 3-4 minutes per side until the bread is golden
  7. The last-minute for each side bend the pan and with a spoon spread the sizzling butter over the bone to help it fully cook.
  8. Place cutlets on parchment paper to allow the residual butter to dry, salt and serve!


A common variation of the original recipe replaces veal with pork chops. This solution is usually less expensive and yields a plate worth trying!