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Meet Violinist Charlie Siem

One of today’s foremost young violinists


How would you introduce yourself in three sentences?

 I exist to be moved and to move people. Music is my most effective way of doing it so I play the violin  


What led you to move to Italy and why Florence?

I love Italy and Florence is a total dream for me. I practise here and recuperate between travelling and performing 


What is the most memorable venue where you performed in Italy and what made it so special?

playing at the magnificent Renzo Piano Santa Cecilia concert hall in Rome 


What does Italy mean to you and how does it influence your music?

 Italy is like a spiritual home for me. I have always been in love with it from afar growing up and since I moved here I feel almost absorbed by it – as if I’m living in my own fantasy 


What are your favorite spots in Florence?

Base V (for the daily dose of greens) 

I also enjoy Cammilo and Harry’s bar for a drink outside. Santa Croce is magic when empty and I sit or walk around the Square for hours. Cibreo cafe is also regular spot for me


What is your favorite weekend getaway?

I have many but Venice, might be one of the cities I like to travel to most often 


What, would you say, is an Italian habit you have made your own?



Your favorite Italian word?

“Dai”  – (Common!) 


How would you describe Italy in one sentence?

Life for life’s sake