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Meet Designer Caterina Licitra Ponti

Designer & Ambassador of Gio & Lisa Ponti


Favorite restaurant and what to order?  

I’m currently living a nomadic life, I’m jumping around Bangkok, London, Paris, Milan and Florence..

Woah soo hungry! Where I feel in my nest is Florence. Once I arrive, I go running straight to cibreo caffè. It’s in the heart of the old florence, in santa croce area and as headquarters of the fresh market of Sant’Ambrogio. The owner of Cibreo is Fabio Picchi, you will spot him..(He looks like a modern Santa Claus). In the morning I love eating “panino con lo sgombro”/ “sandwhich with mackerel” it’s a soft bread freshly made every morning by the kitchens of Cibreo, the mackerel is drowned in the nonna style mayonnaise… Hint don’t wear white if you are clumsy as me!

I even crave there the “braciole alla livornese” which are soft veal cooked in a cold pomodoro sauce, just made with the traditional tomato from Tuscany – il fiorentino. It’s impossible to feel lonely at Cibreo because there is a vital energy that comes from the colours, sounds, taste and gossip of the locals from the most authentic neighbourhood.


Your favorite Italian weekend getaway?

In the arms of my great grandfather gio ponti.. At hotel parco dei principi in sorrento. I walk bare foot on the blue kaleidoscopic tiles towards the balcony of my room, where I am suspended on the sea. I wrap myself in the blue sea and sky, I can touch the seagulls and I look directly at the vesuvio volcano in front of me, I go into the wild! I take deep breath of energy and I reconnect with nature and throw away my phone.


Who’s your inspiration / favorite Italian designer (or artist, architect, painter, photographer) ?

The legendary archi – star Gio ponti. The grand director of movies Roberto Rossellini, who created Italian neorealist cinema. The sign of the mediterranean through the brush of Mimmo Palladino.


How would you describe Italy in one sentence? 

With a song: “Bella Ciao!”

Photo by Rich Stapleton