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Meet the Co-Founders of Blazé Milano

Co-founders of Blazé Milano


Favorite restaurant and what to order?  

Corrada: Langosteria in Milano

Order the lime and pepper shrimp

Sole: Da Nino in Via Borgognona, Roma

Order the ascé (a very special hamburger

Delfina: Atelier De’ Nerli in Piazza De’ Nerli, Firenze

Order the taglierino di pasta fresca o risotto al tartufo bianco di san miniato


Your favorite Italian weekend getaway?

C: Sunset in capri, just chilling at the bar faro at the beach under the lighthouse.

S: argentario is my favorite place in the world, and il cavaliere in orbetello my favorite restaurant.

D: Camaiore, at my family house in the country. I love to go and visit Pietrasanta which is 10 minutes away from home. My favorite restaurants are il Lunedi dello Studio and Da Giacomo, which opened last year. Both have beautiful gardens. To die for!


Who’s your inspiration / favorite Italian designer (or artist, architect, painter, photographer) ?

C: Carlo mollino (he was all the above).

D:  The painter Sandro Botticelli for “La Primavera” and “La Nascita di Venere”,

The architect Stefano Boeri for his vertical forest,

And Richard Ginori for porcelain and home supplies.

S: my favorite artist of today is Pietro Ruffo, of yesterday Edgar Degas.


How would you describe Italy in one sentence? 

D: Magnetic, seductive and irresistible.

C: A place I could never live without.

S: A small world that contains everything: amazing sea, beautiful mountains, best food and of course the most beautiful historical cities (Rome, Venice and Florence).


Photo by Lorenzo Bringheli