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Amalfi Visual Journey

I have so many photos from the Amalfi Coast.


This story is dedicated to all the iconic places in the region. For me this part of Italy is all about these places, the heritage, the food, the people, the nostalgia and some of the best views the world has to offer. 


It’s a garden of eden, where everything grows and where people gather from all over to enjoy this special quality of life.



It all started with Sorrento, a highly underrated city. It’s the first important stop heading from Naples to the coast and it has the most small city feel. Most people focus on Capri and Positano but Sorrento has a lot to offer with many great restaurants and hotels. 



An easy to miss very small town. Here there are a few discoveries if you open your eyes. When I travel with the family, we always rent a house on Punta Campanella with the best views of Capri and the sea. The house is an architectural masterpiece from the sixties with a short trail down to a big private rock by the sea where the swimming is quintessentially costiera. While here you can see all the small private pools from the holiday homes built into the stone, or during an aperitivo on the rooftop during sunset the sea reveals itself through olive tree branches with the sound of the crickets in the background.



Best restaurant in the world, period! (at least for me). For many reasons, but mainly because I LOVE the De Simoni family (and all their staff), I consider them family. 

The food is more than good, it’s extraordinary in the way you would expect the Amalfi Coast to taste. Peppino’s fresh vegetables straight from the garden, the tartufi, the deep fried baby squid… 4 hour long lunches with good friends and a few bottles of La Spinetta Casanova Rosé are definitively part of life on the Coast. Spaghetti Vongole Bottarga is my drug of choice, I dream about it. Their location is just as incredible, easily accessible by boat, a bit harder by car or scooter but the reward is worth the trip!! 



Probably the most iconic of them all. A beautiful and legendary island. At La Fontelina, you can still feel the 60’s / 70’s jetset vibes. People come here to swim, eat, and drink. Tanning is serious business. Don’t forget to check out Casa Malaparte, another true icon created by a madman (or genius)!



I love to rent a scooter when I’m visiting. Besides a boat, it’s the ideal transport to explore all the small towns and beaches and to enjoy the beautiful views from the windy coastal road. There are treasures to find after every corner, between views of impossible cliffs and deep sea, it just keeps coming, hit after hit like your favorite band. Bays for days.



The beauty of Positano is hard to describe until you see it with your own eyes. It gets a little crowded sometimes, but if you pick the right time to go it feels like being transported back in time, a time where movie stars started discovering the beautiful Amalfi Coast. 

The hospitality is nearly unmatched in the world, with many of the world’s most iconic restaurants and hotels with Le Sirenuse leading the way. At Il San Pietro you can go to the beach by either hiking down or taking an elevator through the stone. A tennis court on the bottom between two large cliffs is just spectacular. 

One of my favorite restaurants just outside Positano is Da Adolfo. The atmosphere is amazing and the food is great, no nonsense and down to earth, just the way I like it.