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The Last Apostle of Aesthetics: Tom Richards

In the path of John Ruskin in Florence “The last apostle of aesthetics”is Tom Richards.

Tom is from London. He chose the most panoramic terrace on the roofs of Florence, next to Ponte Vecchio with view on the Arno.

He paints in pure Renaissance style suggestive faces of the ancient Florentine and contemporary figures: a gallery of idealized portraits, shadows and lights, in the manner of Rembrandt, Van Dyck details. Faces of young women and men, perfectly drawn and painted in a classical pose. Tom is a modern alchemist; he makes his colors by crushing, grinding the pigment powders, adding and subtracting to create the unique potion, that then is transported on his huge wooden palette board.

Is Florence the last beach for you? Oh! Of course not, but I can’t see myself elsewhere. I love the big cupola of Brunelleschi, that follows you around the town. I’m always on the go between London and Florence.

Why did you choose to do portraits? The portrait connects the past to the future and vice versa its timeless. The face is the first and last the thing you see of person. It leaves an imprint in both art and fashion.

If you wanted to be a Renaissance man who would you like to be? Piero della Francesca: Artist, scientist and discoverer of the Men in the perspective space. 

John Ruskin said: When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece. Are you also of this opinion? Yes, but I would like to add the 3 H’s: head, heart and hand. The interactivity between the senses and intuition.

Masterful artists or curious apprentice you can always take one of his wonderful classes at The Florence Art Academy and there might be an exciting workshop up in the air, next summer, in a Florentine secret garden…STAY TUNED!