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The 5: What to See This Month




United Photographers for Ukraine: Perimetro e Milano a sostegno dell’ospedale pediatrico di Kiev


When: Through March 31, 2022

Where: Online


The magazine Perimetro together with the NGO Liveinslums combined forces to support Kiev Children’s Hospital, the largest in the country, through a beautiful photography initiative.

United Photographers 4 Ukraina is a new call to action where you can purchase an image online 100 euro, the proceeds of which will be donated to support the aid network in Ukraine.

Involving some of the most important names in contemporary Italian and international art, fashion, and architecture photography including Franco Pagetti, Michael Akerman, Oliviero Toscani, Maurizio, Davide Monteleone, Galimberti, Brianna Capozzi, Sam Rock, and Mario Sorrenti. 


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Photography by Andrea Tonellott; #27

Photography by Victor Schnur

Photography by Attilio Cusani; Bentornato

Photography by Paolo Belletti



Lucio Fontana. Self-portrait


When: From March 12 to July 3, 2022

Where: Fondazione Magnani-Rocca, Parma


“The discovery of the cosmos is a new dimension, it is infinity, so I pierce this canvas, which was the basis of all the arts and I created an infinite dimension, an x ​​which, for me, is the basis of all art. Contemporary.” from the interview with Lucio Fontana by Carla Lonzi in Self-portrait, 1969.

Slashed and punctured canvases? 

Who comes to mind but the absolute master of Spatialism and 20th century art. 


A 50 piece show that reveals a more personal side of the artist and his relationship with the art historian Carla Lonzi

While in the area make sure to stop for lunch at Ai Due Platani

Lucio Fontana, a man whose exhibition is simply giving all of us an additional reason to visit the city of Parma



Sana slow wine fair


From: March 27 to 29, 2022

Where: Bologna 


How can winemaking can encourage social and cultural growth? Visit the international wine fair dedicated to sustainable, clean and most of all good wines to find out. Here you can taste the thousands of labels on offer and spend time with each of their producers who travel worldwide for the fair. While you’re there check out a masterclass and be part of the future of wine, from growing to production. 





Enzo Isaia: 60 photographs from the 60’s


When: From March 11 to April 15, 2022

Where: Torino


  “I am convinced that color photography is similar to today’s television as far as the faithful reproduction of reality is concerned, while black and white photography is similar to radio, which, like the latter, makes everyday life worthy of reflection…”

The small details that make Italian life special, that’s what Italy Segreta is about – the self-taught photographer Enzo Isaia was able to capture those moments in black and white. Isaia’s images will take you through post-war Italy, each communicating its own message of a booming country, reborn. Elegant women, children playing, priests studying, and elderly sitting on benches, all reminders of time past, an opportunity to be nostalgic and reflect. 



Photography by Enzo Isaia



Pier Pasolini in Rome 


When: From October 2022 to March 2023, 2022

Where: Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Palazzo Barberini and il Museo MAXXI


“I love life fiercely, desperately. And I believe that this ferocity, this desperation will bring me to an end. I love the sun, grass, youth. The love of life has become a more deadly vice for me than cocaine. I devour my existence with an insatiable appetite. “


In honor of the 100th birthday of one of Italy’s greatest writers and film directors, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Palazzo Barberini and il Museo MAXXI are showing TUTTO È’ SANTO (all is sacred) an exhibition dedicated to his life and work 

In the meantime read about one of his ground breaking yet controversial projects – one that explored sexual education in Italy. 

Roma, 23/10/1962 Film "Ro.Go.Pa.G." (Episodio "La ricotta" ) 1963 di Roberto Rossellini, Jean-Luc Godard, Pier Paolo Pasolini e Ugo Gregoretti Nella foto: il regista Pier Paolo Pasolini durante la lavorazione dell'episodio da lui diretto @AF [485343] =================================== Pier Paolo Pasolini during the making of the episode 'La Ricotta', included into the movie 'Ro.Go.Pa.G.' (Rome, 1962)