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Your Italy Segreta Horoscope


Dear Aries, you have several problems with self-control, you already know. You should learn to count to 10 more often, and you may want to challenge yourself with some long meditative walks. Do we have some advice? Of course! The Via degli Dei which connects Bologna to Florence, The Path of the Gods which runs through the Lattari Mountains overlooking the rocky Amalfi coast, or some stage of the romantic Via Francigena.



Dear Taurus, siete in alto mare (in deep sea)… which is not necessarily a bad thing, just enjoy the beauty of the unknown, stop planning and let yourself by lulled by the sea waves. Open a good bottle of wine, and let summer do its course, the Fall will be filled with new exciting projects. 



Dear Gemini, lately you have been more bipolar than usual. You are never satisfied, a bit nostalgic and August is truly testing your ability to choose without hesitation. It might not be your best summer so far, but remember la speranza e’ l’ultima a morire (hope is last to die). Don’t give up and have a negroni, it might help with the uncertainty. 



A lot of positive energy coming your way, follow your instincts, worry a bit less about others (they’re doing fine!) and more about yourself. Don’t be afraid of changing it up, maybe opt for a week in the mountains, maybe alone, remember meglio soli che male accompagnati (better alone then in bad company) to realign your chakras and train your stability. 



The floor is yours…get groovin!  You are selective and decisive enough to know what you want and you certainly don’t give up on the little pleasures in life. This August enjoy a nice spritz and dance along to the sound of Raffaella’s music, remember (although you need no reminder) you only live once! 



Dear Virgo, your obsession with perfection doesn’t leave you even on vacation. You need to take some time for yourself. The advice of Italy Segreta? The fairytale Relais La Foleia, on Lake Maggiore. The name, deriving from the Latin follia (folly), is right for you.



Dear Libra, your goal this August is definitely to perfect the art of dolce far niente, tan, lay back and have a glass of wine or two,  you deserve it and get ready to be inspired. Let yourself be inspired by the beauty that surrounds you and get ready for a new renaissance! 



Your insatiable desire to know the facts, sometimes puts you to the test. Perhaps it would be time to spend a weekend full of paradoxes in a magical city like Naples to understand that sometimes it is necessary to accept things as they are and don’t worry about your tumultuous relationship with love, we all know that l’amore non è bello se non è litigarello (love is not beautiful if it’s not feisty). 



Slow down, keep calm and take a road trip it might help you find your way…we know it’s been a tough year, but remember due torti non fanno una ragione (two wrongs don’t do a right).



Dear Capricorn, patience is the virtue of the strong, and your remarkable tenacity and ambition know it well. Summer is a very positive season for you, you like to switch off. It’s the right decision, thank yourself for all the efforts made with a generous glass of prosecco.



Dear Aquarius, you are a broad-minded person and you love boundless horizons, where you can stop and observe everything for a long time. A hike in the name of nature could help you, together with an enchanted landscape such as those of the Argentario and Monte Conero.



Dear Pisces, as the saying chi dorme non piglia pesci (those who sleep do not catch any fish) suggests don’t procrastinate and decide what to pack. Discover the deep blue where you are allowed to dream, as you know how to do. Never give up, your dreams CAN become reality (ours did!)