Sweet Somethings by Betty Soldi

The Art of Confectionery meets the Art of Calligraphy


This experience, designed exclusively for Italy Segreta’s clients by Betty Soldi, celebrates the wonderful way of living all’Italiana and its colorful habits, giving new light to the custom of ‘Sunday pastries’ with an exclusive ‘Betty Soldi Inksperience’. Immersed in an 1801 Limonaia/Orangerie nestled inside a secret garden in the heart Florence, words thought and spoken will be captured on paper through a creative, relaxed, carefree and informal calligraphy session, just like a beautiful Italian Sunday feels – but on any day of the week.


Accompanied by a sunday-style breakfast of Italian coloured goodness, whilst you indulge in a tray of pasticcini, bignè and croissants paired with coffee and cappuccino, you’ll spend a couple of hours together with Betty, nourishing and awakening the creativity that is in each of you, savoring – with all five senses – moments of precious Renaissance illuminations, learning to let go with simple gestures using pencil and paper, and then making it explode with joy through a fun creative project.


Like beautiful pastries on a golden paper tray, where one bite leads to another and more, so playing with words and their shape, look and feel, will make you want to bring them to life and experiment, adding flourishes and decorations to your daily handwriting.