Not Every Espresso is the Same

A Coffee with the Expert


This experience is exclusively designed for Italy Segreta’s clients by the renowned Italian coffee expert, author of the book Aprire un bar and founder of Espresso Academy (one of Italy’s most visited coffee schools) Gabriele Cortopassi.


You will experience the two parallel worlds of coffee in Italy first hand: on one side the certainly predominant Italian classic espresso bar culture and on the other, the fast growing but still niche, third wave specialty coffee movement. 


Your morning will start in the very traditional Florentine neighborhood of Sant’Ambrogio. In the last few years, this area, which is still home to many long-established coffee shops, has also become a hub for the third wave coffee movement. The first stop will be a historical bar in the heart of Sant’Ambrogio’s food market, a local institution, and the perfect stop for a cappuccino e cornetto. Then you will stop by one of the three local specialty coffee shops, where Gabriele (or one of his expert coffee trainers) will guide you through the differences in taste and extraction methods. 


A driver will then pick you and your guide up and take you to Mokaflor, a Torrefazione (roastery) just 10 minutes outside of Florence’s city center. This coffee roastery was established over 70 years ago and has since been a family business and one of the pioneers of high quality and specialty coffees in Italy. Be ready to get swept up by the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. Here, you will go through a private visit and discovery course, learning all the basics about the coffee plant, the roasting process and also how to make your own espresso and cappuccino!