La Sangiovesa: Food & Fellini in the Heart of Emilia-Romagna

A Treasure Trove of Culinary Wonders


At the heart of the most genuine territory of Romagna, just over an hour’s drive from Bologna, lies a place of the soul: La Sangiovesa, a treasure trove of culinary wonders. Entering these doors means crossing the gastronomic tradition of the past and immersing oneself in a temple dedicated to food and wine. 


The Sangiovesa was founded by the Maggioli family who, aided by the imagination and flair of Tonino Guerra ( poet, screenwriter for Fellini and friend) created a bastion of Romagnolità. Driven by intuition, they brought to light the ancient remains, caves and rooms of the Nadiani palace in the heart of Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna, transforming them into the restaurant-osteria. 


One after the other the rooms were dedicated to the great figures who made the history of the country – from Pope Clement XIV to the painter Guido Cagnacci, from Count Nadiani to actress Teresa Franchini – and Guerra asked Federico Fellini to use his sketch of the Junoesque “Sangiovesa”, which became the sign and symbol of the restaurant. 


You’ll be welcomed with a reserved table in the Cagnacci Room with a menu designed exclusively for Italy Segreta clients; the experience also includes the private visit to the Saiano Estate, Sangiovesa’s farm a few kilometers further up the hills, where their meat, salami, wine and oil are produced and the visit to the Olfattorio: in a glassed-in mezzanine overlooking the cellar, Nose Baldo Baldinini studies the harmony between herbs, spices and essential oils to to produce a line of vermouths and agricultural liqueurs.