A Chamber of Wonders in Lecce

Puglia’s Aristocratic Heritage


This private experience unfolds inside Palazzo Tamborino Cezzi, nestled in the heart of Lecce, a town called by many the Florence of the South. This ancient aristocratic residence, built in the 16th century, takes its name from the Tamborino family, who came to occupy the house about three hundred years after it was built. Visiting a private palace is already a special experience in itself, but it takes on an atmosphere of intimacy and immersion when its tenants escort you through its wonders.


Visitors will hear the stories of the city, the house, its stones and the families who have lived there over the centuries, as they are accompanied through the ancient rooms, evidence of a past life. A 16th-century room on the first floor overlooking the garden houses the Chamber of Wonders, a magical place that preserves ancient objects from the past. Passing through the sixteenth-century hallways and stables, you’ll reach the Rococò garden, a green oasis in the heart of the city.


Here, exclusively for Italy Segreta’s guests and in the wake of Italy’s warm southern hospitality, the Cezzi family will set up a tasting, lunch or dinner in partnership with the bistrot Pietra Bianca, brand ambassador for the Tormaresca winery in Puglia, with local delicacies from the Puglia region.